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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Courage What A Big Word!

Courage by definition is 'the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, without fear."
I believe that acts of courage are not absent of fear but happen in spite of it.
A soldier goes into battle, a firefighter enters a burning building, people battle life threatening diseases, a child faces a bully... all acts of courage that happen because fear is embraced, relinquished and conquered.
We don't have to look to larger than life acts to see courage because it exists in every moment.
A child let's go of a mother's hand on the first day of school;
A teenager walks into an new high school not knowing a single person;
A father walks his daughter down the aisle;
A man learns to walk again after a car accident.

Our lives are filled with defining acts of courage. 
What are yours?

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  1. As Easter Sunday approaches, we are saddend to hear of the loss of a 16 year old, who died in a car accident--the car swerved off the dvp and plunges into the frigid cold water. We also hear of the family that succumbed to the house fire that claimes the life of the mother, father and 2 sons. Courage to accept what no one ever wants to hear, live through and expect. COURAGE--a single word of what the families and friends will need to carry on.