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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Beautiful

The dictionary defines beautiful as possessing qualities that give great pleasure or 
  satisfaction to see, hear, think about; delighting the senses or mind.

Do we all perceive beauty in the same way? Is one person's perception of that which is beautiful the same as another's?

I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty is seen in different ways by us all. 
Yet there are those who reside in an elite class who are beautiful to everyone. They possess a uniqueness, a perfection, an aura that captivates all beholders. It is to these people that doors open wide.
Many years ago I came across a book that addressed the topic of how human beings, even as infants, respond to beautiful faces.
Beautiful people, many times unknowingly on the part of the other, incite 
more smiles,
better service,
kinder responses,
more attention.
are given more opportunities.

To know this type of beauty is a gift. To see it fade with age is a burden. 
Time is the master who gives no quarter.

Physical beauty does not last forever. Even the beautiful wrinkle and the attention born of their beauty pales and they become invisible.
The new beautiful are born.

It is best to remember that
it is the beauty of the soul that transcends time.