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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here is a cenote that we stopped at on our way to Chitzen Itza It was unbelievable to look down into the sink hole and see people splashing in the water. The story goes that long ago this sink hole was used in a sacrificial ceremony. A virgin was given a heady drink, her body laden with heavy jewels, she was thrown into the sink hole. Of course drunk and weighed down by her ornaments she didn't stand a chance for survival. Her death brought rich crops and good health to her village. Breathtaking sight!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

There are certain times in your life where your gaze falls upon something so indescribable that you know for certain that it is touched by the hand of God. The drive up the mountain ridge known of the Grand Sasso in Abruzzi is spectacular. The summit cannot be reached by car but Campo Imperatore offers a perfect spot to park your vehicle and from there you can take in the view. The warmth that you felt at the base of the mountains won't help stave off the cold up top; you need a warm coat.

The simplicity of life is marked by the timeless transhumant Sheppards who, as in days gone by, tend their flocks as they graze on the grass.

My daughter was more than happy to pose for these photos!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Momma, What Is A Blessing?


Momma what is a blessing?

A blessing is the feel of a newborn baby’s skin.

A blessing is the sunshine and the soft rain that touches the flowers and makes them bloom.

It is the song of the birds, the flight of the eagle and the roar of the tiger.

A blessing is the tallest mountain and smallest hill.

It is the day and the night, the stars and the moon.

A blessing is the first snowfall of winter and the rustling of the trees in the spring.

It is the beautiful colors of the sunset

A blessing is a word of kindness when someone is sad.

It is a tear drop and a gentle embrace.

A blessing is friendship.

It is the family that surrounds us and the people who love us.

It is the music we hear and the songs we sing.

A blessing is the dance you dance.

It is the food we eat, the water we drink and the clothes we wear.

It is a home.

It is the hand that feeds the poor, heals the sick and cares for the elderly.

It is the comfort offered in our darkest moment.

It is the courage of a soldier who goes to war.

A blessing is the mother who wipes your tears and tucks you in at night.

It is the sweet sound of laughter.

A blessing is you!

Tiziana Ciccone Copyright 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who were these children? What were their dreams and aspirations? Were their lives filled with happiness, love of family, and good health? No one will ever know. Time passes, memories fade and we are forgotten. But for a brief moment in time, we matter. We create our own history and leave a small impression in the lives we touch. And that is enough!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Outside the Posta Hotel in Reggio Emilia, Italy sits a Piazza.The trickling water from the fountain lures you promising a refreshing drink. The splashing droplets of water sparkle in the sunlight. Surely a small sip will quench your summer thirst but you can't get near the fountain because it is home to flocks of pigeons who are busy feasting and bathing in the cool water. At the foot of the fountain is this little boy who finds pleasure in scooping bird seed off the ground. He tosses them at the pigeons and squeels in delight as they gather around to collect their fare.
And you wonder, "Why do children need toys?"

Monday, September 5, 2011

Days Gone By!

The shoreline of Barcelona is lined with small villages, many of them are home to castles, keeps, quaint churches and small shops.

For a small fare you can ride a water shuttle that stops at the villages where you can enjoy lunch or light refreshments.

As you meander through the streets and into the castles, you can hear the sounds of days gone by. You can't help but wonder who the people were that once filled these spaces.

For the most part there are no plaques to mark their stories so you are left to rely on your imagination. Occassionally you might find a statue or a land mark that tells a tale of bravery, love or stife.