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Monday, March 18, 2013


How many situations, people, events do we encounter in a day that leaving us feeling awed or inspired?
The truth is that on most days we would most likely say none.
But shouldn't we be able to say many?
I suppose, if we wait for huge monumental events, they would be few and far between.
But consider this, if a co worker, who rarely looks your way, smiles at you, is that not inspiring.
When you drive to work and the warmth of the sun caresses your face, is that not inspiring or better yet when the sun breaks through the clouds, casting rays across the landscape, is that not inspiring.
Your child's hug before school, you puppy licking your face, your husband making you a coffee, a good morning call from your son when he arrives at his office, an invitation to a birthday dinner.......
So I ask you to consider this, each day for the next seven days, find one thing that inspires you and post it in the comment box. Pass the challenge onto your friends and family and watch the seed of inspiring moments grow!


  1. For the past few days I've had inspiring moments from comments on my blog, "Keep up the good work." Comments on my FB, "You're well on your way." Over the weekend, when my 15-year-old looked at me and said, hmm, "Mom, you look good." The following day her 19-year-old sister, looks me over and said, "Mom, I like your hair pulled back like that."Today driving down the highway, frozen ice drippings cascading down the rock wall. I forgot to take a picture. Love that image.

  2. What inspires me? Well many hings do my life is filled with many people who inspirate me. Charlie is my 6 month old puppy who I love with all my heart. He is morning alarm clock. At 6:00 am as I enter the shower he is heard running up the stairs to say hello to me. Then when I go downstairs to have my morning coffee he jumps on my lap to give me my morning kiss. Thats one of my inspirations.

  3. One good news after another from my best friends.. I could feel the thrill and leaping joy in my heart - goose bumps all over and inspire me to be happy too!

  4. Inspiration: I drove to work this morning with the sound of the rain hitting my car, my relaxation music playing and a cup of coffee in my hand. This reminded me of when I was younger and our family used to go camping in a soft top canvas type tent trailer. When it rained I loved the sound it made on the camper. We had to stay inside and it was very cosy and relaxing. I thought, "It's going to be a good day" Starting my day off like this inspires me to make the rest of my day as enjoyable.

    Inspiration: Having the strength to overcome big or small challenges I confront in life. My favourite quote that inspires me any time I face life's difficult challenges or sometimes even the small stuff is..."LIFE IS NOT ABOUT WAITING FOR THE STORM TO PASS, IT'S ABOUT LEARNING HOW TO DANCE IN THE RAIN".

  5. I am posting my inspiration on Day 2 so i am catching up. As i look at the beautiful pics, i see a man who i am so proud to call my Dad. At 80 years of age, he never seizes to amaze me with his determination, patience, acceptance and zest for life. He does not have room in his vocabulary for "i cant, too hard or why me?" He will say however, "i can, that wasn't to bad, and thank you for choosing me". He continues to motivate and inspire his children and grandchildren, each and every day. He has taught me how to accept and deal with what challenges/obstacles may come your way with dignity, pride and unconditional love. This is my inspiration.

  6. Inspiration: My friend lost her wallet and when she returned to see if she could find it, it had been handed in to the lost and found. The wall had been turned in and her money and credit cards were all there. Faith in mankind.