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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Inspired Day Two

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the first post for what inspires you everyday. 
 Here is mine for day two of seven.
My niece running to me to give me a leaping hug. That leaves me feeling inspired, knowing that I matter to a child!
Children remind us how to dream with open eyes.


  1. This is day two of what inspires me. This morning I was getting ready for work and my son yells out. "Mommy are you going to work" I said "Yes I am Daniel" He yells out " I love you and have a good day". He is my life inspiration and hearing his voice in the morning makes my day more brighter. "HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE"

  2. Day 2: what inspires me? She sits in her wheelchair unable to walk or talk. She sees the world move around her yet she sits, watches and waits....she is my Mom. A woman (a little over 10 years ago) that would dress beautifully, elegantly. She would get her hair done every Saturday and cooked delicious Sunday lunches for her family and lived to love all her 5 children equally. She inspires me. I look at the woman who has overcome so many obstacles. Yet, she continues to fight to live her life here with us..her family, her husband of 52 years, her grandchildren, her friends, all without the fancy designer shoes, hair-dos and italian food. her life is simple. She is alive and she is beautiful.xo

    1. Livia that is a remarkable story as I wipe the tears from my eyes. Truly breathtaking!

    2. Yes, she is remarkable. We wonder why God has chosen this path for her. What is she here to teach us?