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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Find Joy in the Ordinary

Most of our time is spent in a state of the ordinary; doing those things we have to do to get by.
It is here in this place that we should find our deepest joy. Living for extraordinary moments to come to find that joy would be such a waste of life.
Yesterday morning as I drove to work along a hilly, isolated road, enveloped by the predawn darkness, brisk cold and falling snowflakes, I thought, "how beautiful is this moment?"
I was alone yet so connected to life.
A smile from a student, a greeting from a coworker, a hug from your children, a cup of coffee waiting at your desk, these are moments of joy.
Knowing that you are where you were meant to be, pursuing a dream, 
being loved by others, all moments of joy.
Joy comes from knowing that somehow, even in the smallest measure, you have made someone's life richer.

Perhaps the greatest joy comes simply from being alive and being connected to that which makes you you, your spirit.
May your journey be blessed as you find your joy!

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