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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Begin Anew

Begin Anew

It's a New Year, a New Day, A New You!

We don't have to wait until the clock strikes twelve on December 31 to make new commitments to ourselves do we?
Maybe we do. 
Somehow this one night has that kind of effect on many of us. 
It gives us the opportunity to reflect on all that has come to pass in a year and to move forward and hopefully make some improvements.
What did you promise to do:
lose weight, travel, write a book, bridge a broken relationship, take care of your health...
There are so many choices.
I offer this.
Perhaps this year you can take your soul out of the box and stop living your life according to what people expect of you. Haven't you done enough of that?
Each life is just a whisper in time.  None of us comes out alive so be true to yourself.
Live each day like you're going to a party. Celebrations only come once in awhile but life happens everyday.
Dress and look your best. 
Speak kindly to others. Words are inexpensive.
Give freely
Love abundantly
Ask for what you what
Be fearless
Each day do one thing that feels right to you.
Nothing stays the same forever so embrace change.
And no matter what your faith, gives thanks for your blessings.

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