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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Forever Young!

The key to staying young forever doesn't come from wrinkle creams, Botox, or plastic surgery, it comes from the heart of the child that lives in our souls. No doubt that the everyday duties of life keep us hopping but we all need a break. Last year I gathered the women in my life and invited them to join my newly formed  A-Z Club.  These women, my sisters, nieces, daughter and dearest friend are among the most cherished people in my life.We meet every six weeks and enjoy an event planned around a letter of the alphabet. Baring extreme sports, the sky is the limit. It's wonderful to laugh, be silly and just have fun. I must say we have found some creative things to do and I look forward to many years of adventure. Post some suggestions in the comment box and start your own A-Z Clubs.

Be forever young!

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