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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rescue Me!

You never soar so high as when you stoop down to help a child or an animal-Jewish Proverb

Have you ever wondered who your most dedicated friend is, the one who never judges you, who stands by you no matter what, who comforts you when you are sick, who lifts your spirit when you are sad, the one that greets you at the door after a long day at work. 

A few weeks ago, as we walked through the campus of Union College, we spotted this tiny little dog trotting alongside his owner. It was a bitter day but he was undaunted by the weather conditions as he frolicked in the remaining autumn leaves. He was so tiny we lost sight of him a few times. 

He eventually made his way to where we were standing. Liana bent over and scooped him up. Once he was nestled in her arms he began to lick her face. He was skin and bones, shaking as much from the cold as he was from the excitement of being held. 

"I rescued him from the shelter," his owner said. "They found him in an abandoned home, weighing only two pounds. His fur was gone. But he's much better now." 

Tears welled in our eyes. How could anyone do that? Sadly, these incidents happen everyday. Why not drop them off at shelter instead of abandoning them, without food, a home, and someone to love them. 

How do dogs trust people after being so mistreated?
You would think that they would be reluctant to be near humans.

Dogs are the teachers of  unconditional love.
People stand to learn so much from them..

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