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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Storm

Sometimes a storm comes our way. An unexpected downpour that leaves us gasping for air.
We feel like we are drowning, lost at sea. 
Eventually we surface because it is in our very nature to weather storms. 
We have no choice but to meet them head on and hope that by some miracle or leap of faith everything will work out in the end or at the very least that we will survive. 
There is no doubt that storms leave scars.
They define us, mold us, temper us, humble us but do not break us.
Some of us are led in new directions while others suffer great losses. 
In the end we are all on the same road called life.
Safe journey!


  1. If you have good friends and family to support you through these storms then you can endour whatever comes your way. Bring it on!