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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Save the Last Dance for Me

Save The Last Dance for Me

Think of all the people you've met and how they have touched your life or how you have touched theirs.  Even brief encounters, which may have seemed insignificant helped to shape you and them in some way.
Now imagine that today is your last day and God says to you,
"Look at the line of people that stand before you. From this line choose one person with whom you would share your last dance."
Who would that be? Don't be concerned with male or female. 
Pick one.
Can you do it?
Now God says, "Don't pick a family member or dear friend for you have shared many dances together."
Now who would you pick?
Here is my answer.
Years ago, when my daughter turned 16, I chaperoned her birthday weekend in downtown Toronto. On a cold December night, at the stroke of midnight, I found myself sitting on a bench in Nathan Phillip Square watching the girls skate.
As I conversed with my friend, who was brave enough to join me, a young man approached us.
Handsome, warmly dressed and well spoken he said,
"Do you think you can help me out. I'm a little down on my luck right now."
Immediately I thought of my own two sons who would be close to his age.
I reached for a twenty dollar bill and handed it to him.
He leaned over and kissed my cheek.
"Thank you. I want you to know that this will really help. I promise.One day, I'll finish up at UFT and get my degree and I'll never forget you."
This would be my last dance partner.

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