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Friday, January 9, 2015

Do you Belong Here?

From the minute we are born we are seeking to belong in this world. Finding our place among men is not easy. And if we are not round pegs then the difficulty of this journey is magnified ten fold.  

One of the most challenging things to accept in life is that we will not always be welcome at everyone's table. 
The group of girls in the playground  may not like your hair and so they turn you away.
The cool clique in high school may think your clothes are dorky so they turn you away.
The people in your office think you're too smart, too good looking, too ambitious so they turn you away.
The academics snub their noses at your many years of experience so they turn you away.
Family members forget to call you, your supposed girl friends lose your number, professionals ignore your success and never acknowledge your work.

Your space at their tables is reserved for another.
And for awhile these people may defeat your spirit.

And then one day in a moment of pure clarity you see the truth.
They don't deserve to have you at their table.
In that moment you are freed.

So set your own table and invite only those who respect you, love you and appreciate you for the gift that you are.

And use a checkered table cloth :)
Have a great day!

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