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Friday, September 20, 2013

Life is the Journey Upon Which we are all Travelers!

Life is the journey upon which we are all travelers. No one knows where the road will end. It began the day we were born and will continue until the day we die. Our journey will be one filled with adventure, laughter, sorrow, and pain. It will be shared with the people we love, and the ones we encounter. They are our travel companions; shaping our path as it twists and turns, meandering like the mighty rivers. Our companions are our beacons in the darkness. They share our joys making them twice as sweet. They share our sorrows making them half as painful.
And when our journey finally comes to an end we must have no regrets. We will be wiser, kinder and older. We will have found ourselves. We will feel content that we have worn out our shoes, tired our bodies, and sated our souls. 
Travel well my friends!
My journey took me to China this month. One more check on my bucket list!

My life partner, travel companion and love of my life!

The Great Wall of China!

The Terra Cotta Warriors!


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