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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To Be Overwhelmed!

I was watching a movie the other day and this comment was made when one character did something totally out of his element and extended a kindness to another. 
The recipient of the generosity commented,
"I don't know what to say. You overwhelm me!"
I stopped and thought, "That is such a powerful statement."
To be overwhelmed by the nature of someone. 
And it gave me pause to consider if I had ever met one single human being who overwhelmed me not just in a moment of kindness but by the manner in which they lived.
Was there one person who was selfless, considerate, who gave freely not for recognition but because they believed in the cause, who governed themselves by a strong moral code, who knew instinctively when a friend needed a helping hand, who never faltered, who led by example, a person that was the rock in the strong tide of life and upon which many anchored themselves.
And I thought if there was a single person who was all these things then they would  be wearing enormous shoes wouldn't they?
Perhaps no single person could be all of this but to have even a few of these qualities would be a fine way to live our lives.

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