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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Of Kings and Men

We often live in awe, wonder and envy of those who are set higher than us. But what makes a man a King?
Is it his station, his wealth, his empire?
I met a King many years ago. A man who had more money than he could possibly spend in ten life times.
He called me at home and asked me to meet with him.
The day of, I was escorted to his office and when the door opened there he was waiting for me.
He rose from his desk and grasped my hand in a firm shake.
"Thank you for coming!"
He smiled at me and I was instantly at ease. 
For two hours we talked about life. He shared the story of his climb to the top.
I was impressed, not by his wealth, but by his kindness, his love for family and his devotion to them.
I left thinking that I had indeed just met a King. 
"Kingliness" is not about wealth and power.
For we can all be Kings if we consider the human condition and set ourselves on a path of kindness, caring, respect for others, generosity, and honestly. 

It is these deeds that leave whispers and for which we will be remembered.
I was saddened by his recent passing.

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