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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Person Who Lives with an Open Soul Sees the Beauty of Life

This would appear to be a rather simple picture to post on a blog that highlights breathtaking moments. How could a woman who's face has been marked by the passage of time, the superficial signs of youth long gone, be breathtaking?  
 If we see her with our souls instead of our eyes then we would know how truly breathtaking she is.
This remarkable woman lived through the second world war, helped raise six siblings, became a seamstress, married, gave birth to two children and then lost her young husband to cancer.
She cried, she laughed, anguished, praised and she lived.
When all her child raising was done she met a man who caught her heart and they married. He was her companion, best friend and confident but God had other plans and he took him as well. 
When her cup seemed almost empty, her beloved daughter was diagnosed with cancer and she too passed barely 50.
And although her heart was broken she forged ahead and saw two of her grandchildren married.
She survived a horrific earthquake.
During her life she buried her parents, two brothers, and a cherished sister.
Last year she turned 80. Some said she would not see 81 for her health was failing.
She needed a pace maker and although the doctor was hesitant to perform the procedure she insisted.
Despite all of life's trials, her spirit would not be defeated.
This past summer she turned 81.

Is she not truly breathtaking?

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