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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Momma, What Is A Blessing?


Momma what is a blessing?

A blessing is the feel of a newborn baby’s skin.

A blessing is the sunshine and the soft rain that touches the flowers and makes them bloom.

It is the song of the birds, the flight of the eagle and the roar of the tiger.

A blessing is the tallest mountain and smallest hill.

It is the day and the night, the stars and the moon.

A blessing is the first snowfall of winter and the rustling of the trees in the spring.

It is the beautiful colors of the sunset

A blessing is a word of kindness when someone is sad.

It is a tear drop and a gentle embrace.

A blessing is friendship.

It is the family that surrounds us and the people who love us.

It is the music we hear and the songs we sing.

A blessing is the dance you dance.

It is the food we eat, the water we drink and the clothes we wear.

It is a home.

It is the hand that feeds the poor, heals the sick and cares for the elderly.

It is the comfort offered in our darkest moment.

It is the courage of a soldier who goes to war.

A blessing is the mother who wipes your tears and tucks you in at night.

It is the sweet sound of laughter.

A blessing is you!

Tiziana Ciccone Copyright 2011

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